Welcome to the website all about playwright and screenwriter Rudy Geldhof.
After his passing on April 18, 1992, I, being Rudy’s youngest brother, inherited all of his work.
During the course of the years which followed his death, I thought to myself,
"I’ll donate all of it either to a university or to the municipal archives of Bruges."
But something or someone stopped me from doing that. I had been following IT evening classes
at the SNT in Bruges for several years then, and had internet available to me for a few years.
I then had the idea to publish a website on the internet about Rudy and his work.
My sincere thanks to my beloved wife, Frieda Gantois, who was able to summon so much patience
and understanding during the time it took to create this website
and during all of the time I spent to my computer screen. Should you come across any errors on this website,
or should you have any additional information not included thereon,
please feel free to let me know at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you for visiting the website!